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Shutters for windows are becoming more popular by the day. Although they have been around since the times of the ancient Greeks, it is only in the last few years that they have started gathering a following in the UK.

Shutters can be made in a variety of different materials, styles, and colours, and can also be made to fit a huge assortment of window shapes – including arches, circles, pyramids, angles, and even to fit French doors.


Full Height Shutters

Shutter panels are split into sections, with separate tilt rods. Usually supplied with a mid-rail if the window is significantly tall.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe-style shutters cover the bottom half of the window, leaving the upper half with no shutters. Ideal for ground level windows.

Tier on Tier Shutters

The perfect answer if you need maximum flexibility. The individual upper and lower panels can be opened and closed in any combination.

Solid Panels Shutters

Solid panels offer total privacy, near blackout conditions, a high level of security, and keep external noise levels to a minimum.

Special Shapes Shutters

Designed individually to fit any shape or size of window, special shapes shutters are the perfect answer for problem windows.

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